The ReadApp

The ReadApp is a user-friendly application designed to allow users to set a plan to read through any large book by breaking it down into daily portions of text which could either be read or listened to.

The concept was born out of the creator’s desire to read the Bible from cover to cover. With the book being over 774,000 words it seemed like a herculean task, but using a unique plan, it allowed the whole text to be completely read in just 60 days.

The ReadApp brings a reading plan to life and helps you follow it through.


  • Choose from different reading plans of various lengths e.g. 30 days, 60 days e.t.c.
  • Select a start date and auto-populate your plan
  • Read or listen to your chosen text
  • Mark chapters you have read as complete
  • Better reading experience with auto-scroll, various screen backgrounds and adjustable font size