Day 11

Reading for today 

Old Testament: Genesis 31, 32, 33
New Testament: Matthew 11

Thoughts from today’s reading

Genesis 32:24-31. Jacob found himself alone with the thought of meeting his brother Esau who he was afraid of. A man who turned out to be the divine presence wrestled with him. Reading this account carefully you realise that all Jacob could do was hold on to the man as he was wrestled. Jacob did the same thing at birth, he held on to the heel of his brother Esau when he wanted to come out of the womb. Here he is holding on to God to come out of the place of a supplanter to the place of being honourable with God.
Sometimes God comes into the wrestlings of our thoughts where He stands on the side of what is right and engages with us till we get to a place where we realise the depravity of our ways and then come to totally depend on Him. The change of mind, the change of ways is true repentance.

Matthew 11:28-30. Learning is the way to rest. Jesus said if we learn from Him, we will find rest. He teaches us what we need to do, what we need to carry, and what we need to drop so that we can find the rest and restoration our soul needs.


  1. Lord may we yield to the convictions you put in our hearts to take the right decisions when we are faced with having those things our own way that could be hurtful to others. May we find grace and strength to overcome every temptation in Jesus name.
  2. Give us a teachable heart that is willing to learn and grow. May we always realise that the first step to finding peace in any situation we face is at the feet of Jesus.

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