Day 12

Reading for today 

Old Testament: Genesis 34, 35, 36
New Testament: Matthew 12

Thoughts from today’s reading

Genesis 34. This chapter covers an unpleasant incident of the violation of Jacobs daughter and the revenge that his sons take on behalf of their sister. Jacob left the area with his family in obedience to Gods instruction. This could have prevented the possible retaliation that may have followed the actions of his sons. In Genesis 35:1-5 we see that Jacob and his family sanctify themselves and as they journey, the fear of God falls on all around them who would have sought revenge.

Matthew 12:10-13. The Pharisees preferred to maintain the religious status quo of the Sabbath than to have Jesus help the man with the withered hand. Jesus said if men would help their sheep on the Sabbath, then a man is of much more value than an animal. Helping a fellow man in real trouble is something that the Lord considers as vitally important to break every protocol to do.
A friend of my fathers was a government minister and was on his way to an important meeting when they came across a commotion which blocked their way. He came out of the car and discovered an abandoned baby in the gutter. People just looked on and no one was attempting to help, he then took off his agbada (outer garment of an African attire) picked up the baby and wrapped it up then headed to the hospital with the baby. His agenda for that day was put on hold to save a life.


1. Lord help me to come in obedience to you and sanctify and separate myself from actions that are wrong. May the fear of God in me lead to a fear of God around me so that the one who seeks retribution will be stilled.

2. Thank you father that you count man of much more value than other creatures. May we operate with a heart of compassion to always be ready to break with our plans to help another in desperate need.

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