Day 142

Reading for today
Old Testament: Nehemiah 11, 12, 13
New Testament: 1 Corinthians 9

Thoughts from today’s reading
Nehemiah 13:1-3. There was an issue of intermarriage with nations of whom the Jews were not supposed to associate with. Nehemiah began to address this issue by reminding them that the prophet Balaam, who was hired to curse the children of Israel, recommended to the Moabites that they should cause Israel to sin by immorality with Moabite women which would amount to them inviting the curse on themselves. This is the context that he wanted the children of Israel to understand, that the curse would have access to them by their intermarriage. This was one of the strategic plans that the nations surrounding Israel had adopted to defeat them. Sanballat who was an ardent enemy of the Jews and had resisted them from building the walls of Jerusalem, gave his daughter as wife to the high priests son.

1 Corinthians 9:19-23. Paul shows here the versatility that a child of God must be willing to take on to be able to influence others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is clear that winning people over involves identifying with them where they are, then can we bring them to where they need to be.

1. Father, we pray that you give us wisdom to always be aware of the strategies that the enemy employs against us. May we be wiser than our enemy and by your grace live above all his wiles. Thank you that we can abandon any of his ploys we have adopted and by the blood of Jesus Christ be cleansed from it. We give you the praise for this victory in Jesus’ name, amen.
2. Lord Jesus, we can do all things through Your mighty power and you have given us grace so we can become all things to all men for the purpose of saving as many as we can. Help us to live in this humility and readiness to do what we have to do to win a soul to the kingdom of God.

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