Day 145

Reading for today
Old Testament: Esther 7, 8, 9
New Testament: 1 Corinthians 12

Thoughts from today’s reading
Esther 8:1-8. Words are powerful, and once spoken they cannot be retracted but only be counteracted. This is what Esther had to do by requesting from the king that the decrees of Hamman be reversed. The king then instructed that new decrease be written to overturn the old ones.
As believers, we cannot afford to stay silent when we become aware of words, written or spoken, that are against us. We must respond by speaking words in the name of our King to overturn every harmful word against us.

1 Corinthians 12:12-27. We have to understand the mystery of the body of Christ. We are united in that body and viewed as one by God, yet we are individual in that body and related to uniquely by God. Anyone trying to be better than another believer is trying to be divided from the body just as anyone feeling less important than another is doing the same. We are all working for one another and should be caring for one another because we are intricately interconnected. A brother or sisters success is our success, and a brother or sisters pain is our pain.

1. Heavenly Father, I come before your throne of judgement today to obtain help in a time of need. I take your signet ring of authority to speak words of life to counteract every word of death spoken against me and my family. I declare that we shall live and not die. I declare we are the head and not the tail. I declare that we are healed and not sick. I declare that we are blessed and not cursed. I declare that all our needs are met and we do not lack. I declare that we are filled with joy and not with sadness. I declare that we are continually growing and increasing and not decreasing. I declare that our children are signs and wonders for admiration and not for degradation. I declare that our light shines and men are drawn to God through us and not driven away by us. I declare that we are a praise in the earth and not a shame. Thank you Lord because it is so in Jesus’ powerful name, amen.
2. Lord Jesus, thank you for counting us worthy to be members of your body here on earth. May we walk in the understanding of the mystery of your body and honour our fellow believers by living in love, care and unity with one another. May we see the manifestation of Your power as a result of walking in a united body. This we pray in Jesus’ name, amen.

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