Day 146

Reading for today
Old Testament: Esther 10, Job 1, 2
New Testament: 1 Corinthians 13

Thoughts from today’s reading
Job 2:1-10. God never changed His mind or His confession about Job. The devil also never changed his mind to steal, kill and destroy Job and all that he had. Job also remained steadfast in not using his lips to sin.
We need to keep agreeing with what God says about us because He will never change His mind about His goodness towards us. Even when evil happens to us, God’s plan for us has not changed, we also need to hold fast to our confession to see His good in the land of the living.

1 Corinthians 13:1-8. It is possible to do what seems right to men on the outside, but our motive on the inside is wrong. Anything we do that is not inspired by the love of God in us is a work that profits nothing. Our actions must be motivated from a place of Love, which means, patience, kindness, absence of jealousy, humility, courtesy, not self seeking, not provoked, keeping no account of wrong, rejoicing in truth, believing, hoping and enduring.

1. Father, I pray that you help me to stand strong on what You have said concerning me. May I be slow to disbelieve God who has never changed His mind about me, and be quick to doubt the devil who is always seeking my destruction. I declare that I have overcome the wicked one by the power of Christ and I have His victory despite any situation I face. Thank you Lord in Jesus’ name, amen.
2. Lord, I submit my heart to you because you fill my heart with the Love of God. May your love overflow freely out of every part of my being and may all my deepest motivations stem from the place of your love. Thank you Lord that by walking and acting in your love I will have fruit that will abound in this life and in the life to come in Jesus’ name, amen.

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