Day 174

Reading for today
Old Testament: Psalm 42, 43, 44
New Testament: Ephesians 6

Thoughts from today’s reading
Psalm 44:2-3. The light of God’s countenance and His favour is what gave the children of Israel an inheritance in the promise land as He drove out the nations before them. The blessing that the light of His countenance will shine upon you (Numbers 6:22-27) is a blessing that also guarantees an inheritance and victory over the enemy.

Ephesians 6. The home and family unit, and the work place are where we spend most of our time and our lives. It is imperative that we order these environments as the Lord has advised that there may be peace and harmony. This is because our spiritual warfare will also take place in the context of these environments, and so, we don’t want to be in conflict with our family or colleagues as we wrestle against wicked spirits. Conflict with others will affect our spiritual armoury. Jesus said you must seek reconciliation before offering your gift at the altar (Matthew 5:23-24), this implies that the offences others carry against you could affect your spiritual effectiveness.

1. Father, I declare your blessing upon my life and family today. I say that you have blessed me and keep me, You have made your light shine upon me, You have lifted up your countenance upon me and given me peace. Thank you that the name of the Lord is upon me and I am greatly helped. Hallelujah for your blessings through Jesus Christ.
2. Lord I give you thanks for my home and my work. I declare the peace of God in my home, with my spouse, my children and my parents. I declare peace with my colleagues in the work place, and I thank you for the Spirit of God in me who strives for peace with men. As I maintain the order of God in my home and at work, I declare that I have taken on the whole spiritual armour of God and I stand against every scheme of the wicked one to destroy my life, my home and my work. I thank you Father for victory over the enemy as I overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony.

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