Day 176

Reading for today
Old Testament: Psalm 48, 49, 50
New Testament: Philippians 2

Thoughts from today’s reading
Psalm 48:8. The prime way we get to see the miracles and the wonders of God is by hearing about them first. Our entry to salvation was by hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and when we acted on what we heard, we received the saviour in our heart. Every other benefit we get from God comes by hearing of what He has done.

Philippians 2:5-11. We see humility, obedience and service exemplified in the life of Jesus Christ. We are encouraged to let that same attitude or mindset be in us, for God resists the proud but he gives grace to the humble, and He lifts them up as He lifted Jesus up higher than all the earth and heavens.

1. Father, I pray that my ears will be opened to hear of your wonders that I may believe and experience your miracles in my life. I pay attention to the teachings of your word through those you have chosen and appointed to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ. I thank you Father that for every word you cause me to hear, I will see the reality of them working in my life. As I hear of salvation, I will walk in salvation. As I hear of healing, I will walk in health. As I hear of your abundance, I will walk in provision. As I hear of purity, I will walk in holiness, thank you for this and more in Jesus name, amen.
2. Lord, you said that you resist the proud but give grace to the humble, I therefore come before you and humble myself in your presence as I seek your grace for humility, obedience and service to God and my fellow man. Fill me with this mind of Christ as I pay attention to your word, and let these words of Christ empower me to live like him.

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