Day 177

Reading for today
Old Testament: Psalm 51, 52, 53
New Testament: Philippians 3

Thoughts from today’s reading
Psalm 51:1-4. God is the only one that can truly forgive and cleanse from sin. When we have done wrong, that is the time to run to God and not to hide away from Him. He is ever merciful and willing to cleanse us and fill us with the joy of His salvation.

Philippians 3:7-11. The opportunity cost of knowing Christ is the loss of every other thing that can be deemed precious to man, like status, wealth, ambitions, and indeed all things. Gaining a deeper knowledge of Christ leading to an ever closer relationship with Him releases the power of resurrection in us.

1. Heavenly Father, we give you thanks because you are the Lord God showing mercy to a thousand generations of those that love you. Thank you for forgiveness and cleansing from sin through Christ Jesus. Thank you for filling us with the joy of salvation when we cry out to you declaring our faults and failures. We give you the praise and will tell the people of your great goodness.
2. Lord Jesus, I pray that I may know you deeper than ever before. I come before you and lay down all of my plans, desires and ambitions which may be standing in the way of a closer walk with you. Lord, you said there is no profit in gaining the whole world and loosing my soul, I therefore say that I choose to lose the world and gain Christ and the power of resurrection.

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