Day 180

Reading for today
Old Testament: Psalm 60, 61, 62
New Testament: Colossians 2

Thoughts from today’s reading
Psalm 60:11-12. The Lord speaks and His voice reverberates, He only needs to say it once for it to come to pass and perpetuate. What he said even two thousand years ago is still true today. He said it then, that He would never leave you nor forsake you, and so we hear it now, He is with us and no one can be against us.

Colossians 2:8-10. The knowledge of Christ supersedes all wisdom and philosophies that men have put together for living a successful life. If a believer leaves the principles of Christ to follow the principles of men, the scripture points out that they will be cheating themselves out of something far greater which Christ offers. In Him, we have access to all that we need including the power of God which the philosophies of men cannot give us.

1. Father, thank you that you chose to send your word to man to lift us from a lowly place and raise us to sit in heavenly places with you. Your word is so powerful that when you send it, it saves, heals, delivers, and strengthens. It is so potent that it never passes away, and it is so effective that it never goes back to you without accomplishing what you sent it for. Thank you for your word in Jesus’ name, amen.
2. Lord, I thank you for the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I pray for growth in understanding the principles of Christ and for the grace to put them into practice in my life so that I reap the rewards of my faith in God. Thank you that I have power over sin, the devil and the world systems that are contrary to Christ. Thank you that I enjoy the benefits of a fruitful life lived in continuous victory.

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