Day 220

Reading for today
Old Testament: Proverbs 30, 31, Ecclesiastes 1
New Testament: James 3

Thoughts from today’s reading
Proverbs 31:10-31. A virtuous woman is one who demonstrates fruitfulness, productivity, diligence, creativity, kindness, authority and dominion. Her work at home will be noised abroad. The picture of this woman is also a picture of the bride of Christ which is the Church. This means that every believer should learn to apply the virtues of a good woman.

James 3. The tongue is such an influential member of our body and has the ability to direct our lives or cause havoc in our lives and that of others. How can we tame the tongue? This chapter ends on encouragement to be filled with the wisdom of God from above which causes us to use our tongues for peace. If we do not receive Gods wisdom, we end up operating in the wisdom of the devil which causes strife, confusion and every evil work.

1. Lord, you have called us your bride and you prepare us to be without spot or wrinkle before God (Ephesians 5:25-27). We pray that our wives will be filled with the wisdom and industry of the proverbs 31 woman, we ask that our husbands will support them to be all that God requires them to be. We pray that we all as believers will respond to the expectations that Christ has of us as we develop all the fruits of a Christ-life.
2. Father, as the Psalmist prayed, set a watch over my mouth O Lord (Psalm 141:3). Let the words of my mouth be words of life and peace, may they be pleasing to you. I ask that you fill me with your wisdom from above so that my manner of life is expressed in ways that build up myself and others. I ask for your mercy and cleansing wherever I have been operating in the wisdom of the devil thus creating strife, confusion and evil works. Thank you Lord for your great care and love that guides us to do what is right.

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