Day 223

Reading for today
Old Testament: Ecclesiastes 8,9,10
New Testament: 1 Peter 1

Thoughts from today’s reading
Ecclesiastes 10:10. Wisdom directs us to take the best course of action rather than relying solely on what is in our reach. If you had a day to cut down trees with an axe, the sooner the job is started, the more likely you are to finish it. However, wisdom dictates that you prepare your tools first by sharpening the axe. This takes time and it would seem to be eating out of the time to do the job, but when the axe is sharp, you will spend less effort to cut down a tree and therefore be more effective and successful in the overall task.

1 Peter 1:17-23. We have been redeemed by an incorruptible price, and we have been born again by an incorruptible seed. What God has done for us and in us cannot be reversed by any evil or powerful forces, therefore we must have full confidence in the power of our God and the strength of His salvation in our lives.

1. Lord, you said if we lack wisdom we can come to you and ask for wisdom (James 1:5). Your wisdom gives success, it makes us fruitful, and we prosper in whatever we put our hands to. We ask for wisdom today to deal with family, friends, work, and all the issues we are faced with. Show us the best course of action to take, especially in situations where the answers seem obvious to us. Thank you for filling us with wisdom today in Jesus’ name, amen.
2. Heavenly Father, we praise you with all our hearts and we give thanks for your great and awesome power with which you have redeemed us out of every form of bondage we were born or forced into. Thank you for the price of the incorruptible blood of Jesus Christ, and for the life giving power of the incorruptible word of God. Glory be to your name, now and forever more, amen.

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