Day 224

Reading for today
Old Testament: Ecclesiastes 11, 12, Songs of Solomon 1
New Testament: 1 Peter 2

Thoughts from today’s reading
Ecclesiastes 11:6. We should be ready to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves to us in the various times and seasons of life. The morning may seem to be the logical time to sow seed, and we may do our fair share of work to sow then, but if we still have seed in the evening we should not desist from sowing more seed because of the work we did in the morning. Galatians 6:8-10 sums this up for us, we must not be weary in doing good while we have the opportunity.

1 Peter 2:24. The mystery of the work of Christ on the cross is revealed to us in His identification with our sin and taking the punishment for it by the wounds He bore and death He endured so that we would be dead to sin and alive to God, and our bodies would be healed.

1. Lord, I pray for strength to keep doing good when I see the opportunity to do so. May my heart never feel I have done enough and be tempted to ignore the needs that I am still able to see. You are the one that rewards us for well doing, so I pray for the grace to keep going until I get to the place of my rewards. Thank you for helping me today in Jesus’ name, amen.
2. Lord Jesus, you took our place and punishment for our sins so that we might be delivered from sin and be restored to a right relationship with God. We say thank you for bringing us out of darkness into your light. You also suffered being beaten and torn in your body to secure healing and health for us. Again we say thank you for restoring us to health in every part of our being.

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