Day 226

Reading for today
Old Testament: Songs of Solomon 5, 6, 7
New Testament: 1 Peter 4

Thoughts from today’s reading
Songs of Solomon 5:2-5. The Beloved, our Lord, will always stand and knock at the door of our hearts. When we hear Him, we must rise up and open the door for Him. He does not stand at the door waiting, and if we do not respond quickly we miss an opportunity in that moment to dine with Him (Revelations 3:20).

1 Peter 4:10-11. The gifts that God has given to us are not solely for our benefit, but for the benefits of others. When we use our gifts, we must remember who gave them to us and that He is committed to us being effective in the use of that gift because it brings Him glory. If you have a gift to speak, or sing, or serve, you must do so by the grace of God ensuring your gift encourages others.

1. Lord, may we be quick to respond to the promptings of your Spirit as you tug at our hearts to carry out your will. When you inspire us to pray in the midnight hour, may we rise up and seek your face. When you nudge us to share the message of Christ with others, may we open our mouths and speak without fear. When you open our eyes to the needy around us, may we be quick to open our hands to help.
2. Father, thank you for all the gifts that you have given to us. As we use them, we draw on your grace and your strength to be effective stewards of these gifts. May our lives shine like a light in a dark place to bring hope and help to those who sit in darkness. May our works bring glory to your name Lord, for you are the giver of all good things.

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