Day 227

Reading for today
Old Testament: Songs of Solomon 8, Isaiah 1, 2
New Testament: 1 Peter 5

Thoughts from today’s reading
Songs of Solomon 8:6-7. Love as strong as death is redeeming love that will go through all extents to protect the one loved. This is the love expressed by Christ to us as He took our place in death to free us, but His love was even stronger than death because He rose again to be with us now and forevermore.

1 Peter 5:6-7. Casting all our cares upon the Lord is part of the process of humbling ourselves under His hand. It is pride for us to hold on to the things that trouble us, worrying about how we would make it work. Humility makes us throw such burdens down at the feet of our master, trusting Him to take care of the things we cannot change and giving us the wisdom, direction and strength to change the things we can.

1. Lord Jesus, we thank you for all that you have done for us and like the song writer says, “We could never repay you but from our hearts we’d like to say that we thank you”. You are our strong redeemer, our high tower, our safe refuge. You are the one we run to when our heart is overwhelmed and you never turn us back or send us away empty. We are grateful, receive all our thanks today.
2. Heavenly Father, today I cast all my cares upon you. Every single thing that has put a weight and a burden on my mind, I give to you today. I humble myself under your mighty hand trusting that you are mighty to save and to deliver me in due season. You said you will never place on me what I cannot bear and so I believe everything I face today does not take you by surprise. You also said you will make a way of escape in my time of trials and temptations, and so I lean on you today to learn this way. Thank you for hearing me, healing me and lifting me higher in Jesus’ name, amen.

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