Day 291

Reading for today
Old Testament: Nahum 1, 2, 3, Habakkuk 1

Thoughts from today’s reading
Nahum 1:7-9. The Lord is good and He is a stronghold in the day of trouble. Those who put their trust in Him experience safety in the flood of adversity, however, those who rely on their own schemes and set themselves as enemies of God will be overflowed and pursued by darkness.

1. Lord, we put our trust in you for we know that they who trust in the Lord shall be like the mount Zion which cannot be moved. We trust you for you have everlasting strength. We trust you just like a tree planted by a river of water which will not walk away from its source, and it will have no fear of a drought. We trust you, so we can pour out our hearts to you expressing our deepest worries knowing that you will care for us. Thank you Lord for being our stronghold, establishing us, and keeping us secure from the floods that will carry away all enemies of our soul.

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