Day 292

Reading for today
Old Testament: Habakkuk 2, 3, Zephaniah 1, 2

Thoughts from today’s reading
Habakkuk 2:1-3. We see the prophet Habakkuk standing on the rampart, this is the post of the watchman, as he looks ahead to see what is coming. The the Lord answers him with a vision and encourages him to write it down. Most people have not connected with the vision for their lives because they have not taken the responsibility to stand on their watch post to look ahead. Our prayers should not only focus on what is going on around us, we should spend time in prayer inquiring of the Lord about days ahead of us.

1. Father, you said when we call on you, you will show us great and mighty things which are to come. Lord, you have set us as a watchman over our lives, families, communities and nations. May we develop the discipline to stand in the place of our responsibility and seek your face concerning things which are to come. Lord we repent of being so caught up in our own lives and in the immediate moment that we have become blind to what you are about to do in the nations. We pray that wherever we have written the vision in the past and are not living according to it, that we will return to the place of our first love and do those things that you have revealed. Thank you that the greatest vision is that which is written in the word of God. May we read and do this written word everyday. We give you the praise for hearing us and answering our prayers in Jesus’ name, amen.

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