Day 294

Reading for today
Old Testament: Zechariah 2, 3, 4, 5

Thoughts from today’s reading
Zechariah 2:1-5. How does your life measure up? Sometimes we are not even aware of the extent of all that encompasses us. We could even feel quite discouraged and ravaged in some areas and the focus on what we have lost keeps us from effectively administering other areas of our lives. It is good to examine ourselves and take stock, but it is more comforting to know that the Lord examines us too, He measures the borders of our lives, He see’s where we are weak and compromised, and He takes it upon Himself to surround us with a wall of fire to cover the breaches in our lives.

1. Heavenly Father, we can truly say that just as a nursing mother cares for her new born child, so you also care for us deeply and completely. Even as you measured the city of Jerusalem so you could cover it with yourself, so have you measured us and placed us in Christ so that we are surrounded by you, not only spiritually, but also physically in the form of fellow believers all around us who also look out for us. Lord we acknowledge you as the one who is the glory in our midst and the lifter of our heads. Thank you for your great love for us through Jesus Christ, amen.

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