Day 296

Reading for today
Old Testament: Zechariah 10, 11, 12, 13

Thoughts from today’s reading
Zechariah 10:1. The Lord reminds us of this simple principle, ask and you shall receive. In James 4:1-3, it says we do not have what we want because we do not ask, and when we do ask, we are asking for the wrong things. It seems counterintuitive to ask for rain in the time of rain, shouldn’t we be asking for rain in the time of drought? However, we should remember that God does things in seasons, and it is maturity on our part to first of all discern what season we are in and then base our requests on the season.

1. Father, we come to you to ask for wisdom and discernment, first of all to know what season we are in, whether it is a time to plough, sow, wait or reap. Thank you that within these seasons are secrets to what we should be asking for and you will answer us when we ask. Lord, wherever we have been slow to recognise our season or failed to act on it, we pray for the opportunity to recover what we have missed out on in that season. You are a faithful and merciful God, so we pray, bring us to a place of restoration of what we have lost. We pray not just for ourselves, but for everyone in your field, our families, friends, communities and nations. Let your latter rain touch each one in a very personal way causing the feeling of dryness, hopelessness and despair to depart from them and bringing each one into a renewed relationship with you. Thank you for hearing us today in Jesus’ name, amen.

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