Day 4

Reading for today 

Old Testament: Genesis 10, 11, 12
New Testament: Matthew 4

Thoughts from today’s reading

Genesis 12:12-18. Abram did not seem to believe in God’s ability to protect him, so he spoke his fears of what he thought would happen in Egypt and got Sarah to lie on his behalf for protection. However, God did fight for him and afflicted Pharaoh‘s house so no harm would come to Abram or Sarai. When God calls you and sends you on a mission, He is faithful to protect you. 

Matthew 4:1-11. In the temptations that the devil brought, he first tried to shift Jesus’ focus from the word of God to his legitimate needs, but Jesus affirmed that the written word was more important. The devil next tried to twist what was in the scriptures, again Jesus reaffirmed the importance of having full context of the word. Finally the devil tried to bribe Jesus with what he had to offer, but again Jesus reminds him that God is the source of all things which he created by His word and Jesus affirms that is what we need.


  1. Heavenly Father, let my fears fade away in the light of your promises to me. May I speak your word over my future and not what fear dictates. You are willing and you are able to protect, preserve and provide for me.
  2. Lord, I affirm that my need for your word is greater than any other desire. Let my eyes be open to see how all I need is fulfilled in your promises to me.

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