Day 6

Old Testament: Genesis 16, 17, 18
New Testament: Matthew 6

Thoughts from today’s reading

Genesis 18:17-19. God was able to share His plans with Abraham because he was great at training the people in his house to follow Gods ways. He knew Abraham would take a duty to pray for others to come to a place of righteousness.

Matthew 6:25-26. God says we are of more value than the birds and the flowers. They put in no effort to get their food or clothing, how much more will He not take care of us.


  1. Let us take time to pray for the mercy of God to touch those around us with a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  2. Thank God that He counts us of more value than the birds of the air and flowers of the field, if He provides for them, how much more will He provide for us.

1 thought on “Day 6”

  1. Genesis 16:6

    It’s interesting that the bible portrays Sarai as a woman of virtue. She is referred to in 1 Pet 3:6 as a woman to be emulated yet we see how harshly she treated Haggai here and how she accused Abraham of a sin that she basically put in motion.

    It does go to show how no one is perfect even those called and used by God after all if Abraham was the father of many nations then she was the mother of many nations but she grew into her role. She allowed herself to be transformed by the word of God to become the woman God wanted her to be

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