Marriage is God’s idea, not man’s (1)

The first thing that we need to know about marriage is that it is God’s idea and not man’s. God creates through the power of His word but we are also shown in scripture that the word of God is synonymous to a seed. Jesus reveals this to us in the parable of the sower (Mark 4:1-20) where he compared the speaker of the word to a sower of seed. The book of Genesis 1 reveals that everything was created by the word, but God also shows a way in which the creation can keep perpetuating, and this is by the seed (Genesis 1:11). The plants bear seed which cause them to regenerate more plants, the animals do the same, and finally man, who is the pinnacle of God’s creation, is instructed to multiply by the same principle of the seed.

So we can say that everything was created by the seed principle and everything is perpetuated by seed. We also find in the book of Genesis that seed reveals the nature and purpose of a thing. The plants produce after thier kind and behave in a certain way, the animals do the same and so does man.

When God created man, Adam and Eve were in the same being and God said it is not good for a man to be alone (all one). The reason for this is that in order for a seed to reproduce, it must be released from its origin and placed in the ground, then it can reproduce after its kind. He also showed us that it is not every ground that can make a seed produce, for instance, apple seeds will not grow in the ground in Lagos, Nigeria. This is why all the animals that were brought to Adam were not a suitable companion or help comparable to him (Genesis 2:18-20). The seed of a man cannot impregnate a giraffe, so a man cannot fulfil his purpose to multiply in the earth when he is connected to something that cannot receive his seed and cause it to grow.

After going through all the animals, none was found that could help Adam’s seed. God then had to separate the woman out of the man so that the man would be the giver of seed and the woman would be the receiver of seed to fulfil the purpose of multiplication in the earth.

Think about this for a moment, the partnership between a man and a woman is a God ordained relationship to fulfil His purpose of multiplication on the earth. This is not only to produce children when they come together, but the words (seed) that they speak to each other should help them produce great things be it in health, ministry, career, business, etc.

I will stop here for now so we can assimilate this principle then I will continue the conversation on Gods purpose for marriage.

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